Social media feels like a marathon sometimes, doesn’t it?


What with the endless to do list and writing posts and content?


And keeping up with all that chatter?


And the constantly changing goalposts?


And how many different platforms…?


It’s little wonder you get bamboozled!

But on the flip side, no business owner can afford to overlook the power of social media and the bundle of benefits it can bring to your business.

Because when you know how to play with Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram the SMART way, and make it WORK FOR YOU, it can:

  • drive heaps more people to your website
  • boost your customer experience
  • and give you tons of valuable insights about your followers

…which will impact brilliantly on your sales, your leads, and your reputation and help you make smart marketing moves (and stop the constant slog).

So what’s a busy business owner supposed to do?



(Have you got a cape?  You’ll need one.)


Let me tell you all about my exciting new programme.

Social Media Superhero is a 4 week, 4 module programme for anyone with a small business who wants to crack the basics of social media, turn this understanding into their superpower and use all these superhero perks to branch out, stand out and shine online.

It teaches you how to:

  • identify your very own social media powers (in easy, bite-sized chunks)
  • use Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest AND Instagram (without feeling bamboozled)
  • add some PIZAZZ to your social media content (and become super awesome)
  • and turn these creative powers into SUPERPOWERS for a superhero-sized impact that’s simple to implement (and doesn’t feel like a marathon!).

You’ll learn all about the bigger picture:

  • which social media profiles are best for you and why
  • where your online efforts should be focussed
  • how to get started on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, & Pinterest

And how to create superhero type content:

  • which image sites are the best to use
  • how to create your own quick and easy graphics
  • and blogging for business

As well as the day-to-day Clark Kent kinda stuff, such as:

  • how to work smarter online
  • learning what and when to post
  • scheduling, automating and planning ahead like a real social media superhero!

And of course, there are bags of bonuses for you, too:

  • live support
  • exclusive lifetime access into my Facebook group, where you’ll get to mingle with a lovely community of small business owners
  • 4 live calls with me
  • live training
  • Q+A sessions
  • up-to-date information on the latest social media trends and developments
  • lifetime access to all the resources


So by the end of this programme, you will be an extra special kinda


who is totally in control

  • you’ll manage your social media with ease
  • you’ll feel confident that you’re focusing on the best platform(s) for your biz
  • you’ll save heaps of time because you won’t be faffing around anymore
  • which means you’ll also be saving bags of money AND energy, too
  • your social media migraines will become a distant memory
  • AND you’ll probably even fall in love with social media!

It costs just £297 to become a social media superhero

and you can even pay in monthly instalments of just £29.70

Wondering how come I’m qualified to teach these superpowers?

Well, I’m an online marketing consultant and coach who helps small businesses to understand the online world of marketing and social media. I’ve been self employed for 17 years now and have guided hundreds of small business owners and entrepreneurs through the challenges of social media and online marketing, and seen the amazing impact it has had on their business.

Here’s what some of my clients have to say about working with me…

“You get an amazing package and support.  I can’t sing Naomi’s praises enough.  This programme has given so much confidence and really helped me with my business”  Michelle Grey –  Kool Kids Rooms

“This is one of the best investments I have made for my business. The Facebook group is so supportive.”  Louise Smith – Stockport Accountancy Services

“I loved the videos and how to guides, they were perfect tools. The Facebook group is really nurturing and supportive I felt very at home there.  It is beautiful to work with Naomi.” Caroline Palmy – Palmy Healing

“It’s finally working for me! Naomi makes it clearer than it’s ever been before – fab tutorial videos, and super support in the FB group.” Kathy Hick

Want to sample some of this success too?

And harness your very own social media superpowers to take your biz to another level?


I can’t wait to help you get your Social Media – SUPERcharged!

Naomi x